Nonprofit Knowledge . . . What Do You Know?

“I am trained, I am knowledgeable, I know things, I can do this job, I am fiscally responsible, and I am a people person.” Who wouldn’t hire this person in a minute? I may not! What is missing?

When we tell stories or produce short videos about ourselves, we tell the essentials. We show the facts. We tell who we are. We tell what we do. Isn’t that what the purpose of such communication? Yet, if that all there was, I guess I wouldn’t hire me either! So, what is missing?

Back up to our school days . . . Remember the history books? And when you figured out you needed to know dates of historical events for crazy quizzes? How bored were you? Or did you learn to hate it? Were you passionate about arithmetic or reading?

Of course, recess was a given to which we all looked forward. Why? Because recess was fun! We laughed. We played. We bonded with each other. I remember graduating from my boarding academy many years ago. Yet, when marching out of the gym for the last time upon the completion of the graduation ceremonies, we stood in line together as classmates. We shook hands with family, friends, and hugged each other. How much fun was that? But then it suddenly STOPPED! The experience was over! Over! The experience of 4 years of togetherness was done. Many were crying as we said our last goodbyes for this time of our life. What is going on here? I didn’t expect that! We were emotionally connected. We had bonded. We had learned so much about each other. We didn’t want it to stop. Relationships occurred without our really knowing it!

If you look to your storytelling about your organization, and you’re simply telling me facts about what you DO . . . might you have lost me? What excites you about your work family? What passion do you feel for those whom you help? Have you reached across town to touch another organization that may be similar to yours? How have you networked or wasn’t that a thought? Are your connections based on facts or emotion? How many lunches have you had with other leaders or executive directors to learn about who they are? How are their lives changed by what they do in engaging the lives of those they serve?

What does the Walters Family Foundation KNOW? We suspect those of us in the nonprofit world might really benefit from emotionally and passionately touching each other’s lives and learning what we do, and what makes us love our work. Have you had this discussion with even one other nonprofit? We suspect that we could all benefit by doing this. So, the Walters Family Foundation is considering an invitation to all of you as leaders in the nonprofit world for the possibility of attending an all-day seminar on The Youth At-Risk or The Youth Homeless Journey or Networking to the Next Level. Would you attend? What could you speak about? If more networking was done could we deliver our care better, more efficiently, and at a lesser cost? Would this Luncheon experience begin a process of caring for each other in a new and needed way? If you might have an interest, great!  If you don’t have an interest, is it possible to develop one? Either way, please send us a note. You can contact us at: [email protected]. 2021 is great year for a Seminar of Nonprofit Leaders to Think Differently – the Walters Family Foundation 2021 mantra!