A Library that Leads

Smiles Ever So Nice

Walking through the door of the Cornelius Public Library, the first visual image was happy people smiling! The staff demonstrates a genuine happiness to see you. After greeting you, they offer coffee and cookies carefully laid out on a hostess table. Karen Hill, the Library Director, exuded enthusiasm for our visit as well as those who came for this occasion. President of the Library Foundation, Richard Meyer, was foremost in his welcome.

Other board members and staff were in attendance, and it was no surprise to see at least one holding a book. A press release had been sent out ahead of time as to our visit. This was a time of celebration to present to this body of great people a contribution from the Walters Family Foundation to support the construction of the largest room in the new library, their Community Room. The board of the Walters Family Foundation knew this contribution would make Glenn and Viola Walters smile even though they are no longer with us.

Bringing a Dream to Reality

The process of developing the new library has been has consumed many years, and Karen Hill has worked tirelessly to reach out for the needed funds. The cost for just the library as a whole is over $5 million and this goal has almost been reached. This is amazing for a small community town of Cornelius with a population just fewer than 12,000. But the library is a central draw throughout the county for research, reading, support for parents with small kids, computer availability, and many other people-focused programs. And now with the new facility, more town functions especially in the new 100 seat Community Room will be held. Over 30 organizations already have put in reservations to use this room once the library is finished. Saturday, September 23, 2017 was ground breaking day. And if you look through the windows of the old library you can see the construction well underway on the foundation footings.

Presenting a Check

The Walters Family Foundation was proud to present a check for the development of the Community Room.

Richard Meyer, Library Foundation President, responded:

“Thank you . . . to the Walters Family Foundation Board for deciding to sponsor the prestigious central Community Room in Cornelius’ state of the art library/learning center. The Community Room is designed for education activities including presentations, trainings, workshops, cultural events, community discourse and festivities for all ages. Seating over 100 people, the space will be accessible to public and private gatherings during and after library hours. A fireplace, projection system, serving counter, interior and exterior windows and accordion partition walls will make this space versatile and constantly in demand . . . So this valuable, central community space in Cornelius will be known as The Walters Family Foundation Community Room for Life-Long Learning.”

What a cool experience to witness how the Cornelius Public Library leads to contribute to their community. We wish only the best for Karen, Richard, the Library Board, and the town of Cornelius, Oregon, as they soon occupy their new state-of-the-art library!