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Exponent Philanthropy 2018 National Conference

The Walters Family Foundation attended the Exponent Philanthropy 2018 National Conference in Philadelphia, PA on September 28 – 30.  This Conference offers timely and relevant educational content for staff, donors, and trustees at all levels of experience and serving all types of foundations (including community and family foundations) as well as individual donors, […]

Bullied to Healthy Relationships

Traveling to school by bus on a freezing cold morning as a first grader, someone came up behind me and with their bent middle finger flicked my cold ear.  That hurt so bad!  I flared up like a peacock trying to show by my threatening words and warnings that they better […]

A Better Life for a Kid Playing Music

While growing up and attending a parochial school, I never had much exposure to any musical instruments except the organ.  My father loved theatre organ music because he used to roller skate to this type of music as a kid and young adult.  And of course, he wanted his own […]

A Library that Leads

Walking through the door of the Cornelius Public Library, the first visual image was happy people smiling!  The staff demonstrates a genuine happiness to see you.  After greeting you, they offer coffee and cookies carefully laid out on a hostess table.  Karen Hill, the Library Director, exuded enthusiasm for our visit […]

SMART Fundraising

In packing for a recent move to our current location in Oxnard, CA, I came across a long, narrow tablet on which were printed words from my spelling tests given in 3rd grade.  I rarely missed a word, but I had to study them carefully.  I also had learned to “sound […]

Like Newspapers, Are Libraries Becoming Obsolete?

As a small child in the farm town of Hillsboro, Oregon, I remember riding my bike past what was an old brick building that was our town’s library.  I didn’t have much use for libraries in those early years as our school provided its own library for us, and […]

Partnering with the Cornelius Public Library

Walters Family Foundation donates $70,000 to Cornelius Public Library Walters Family Foundation had the honor of visiting the Cornelius Public Library this past July 2017.  Board Members Jamie Ali and Clifford Walters met with Karen Hill, Library Director, and Richard Meyer, Chairman of the Library’s Foundation.  A hot topic of discussion was the construction project […]

The Art of Site Visits: What Is Your Product?

This summer my oldest daughter, Jamie, a board member of the Walters Family Foundation, and I had the privilege to visit a number of non-profits in Oregon to learn more about what they do.  We discovered that the individuals running the organizations were highly open to sharing and talking about […]

Multiplying Impact Through Video

In today’s social networking age, telling stories through video has become an impactful way to engage and connect on a human level with others. The Walters Family Foundation awarded a grant to Inland Temporary Homes to develop a storytelling video to illustrate how they are helping families and children break the cycle of homelessness. […]