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Big Lake Youth Camp Receives Walters Family Foundation Award

The Walters Family Foundation focuses on at-risk youth in a variety of circumstances including outdoor opportunities. Many camp programs provide growing experiences for youth throughout the State of Oregon. The Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s owns such a camp known as Big Lake Youth Camp located in Sisters, Oregon. Several of the WFF Board members… Read more »

Wendy Olson Joins WFF Board

The Board of the Walters Family Foundation is happy to announce the addition of Wendy Olson as the newest member of the Board. Wendy brings a background of 30 years as a teacher, sports coach, and administrator of the public school system. She owned and managed a 10-acre nursery. She was married to Jon Olson,… Read more »

Board Member, Jamie Ali Steps Down

Board Member, Jamie Ali, submitted her letter of resignation to the board of the Walters Family Foundation. Jamie is the oldest grandchild of the founders, Glenn and Viola Walters as well as the daughter of Cliff Walters, President. She served for nearly 7 years and was instrumental in conducting some of the first nonprofit site… Read more »

Nonprofit Knowledge . . . What Do You Know?

“I am trained, I am knowledgeable, I know things, I can do this job, I am fiscally responsible, and I am a people person.” Who wouldn’t hire this person in a minute? I may not! What is missing? When we tell stories or produce short videos about ourselves, we tell the essentials. We show the… Read more »

A New Walters Family Foundation Mantra for 2021

You say, “It’s too soon to look forward to 2021!” Yet, many have posted in social media how disappointing 2020 has been with a pandemic during an election year with all the pontifications of those who desire your vote. Wearing of masks, social distancing (which by the way – I experienced while attending a co-ed... Read more »

Is it Better to Give A Penny than to Receive?

When I was a young boy, my mother, Betty (Walters) Unterseher, would take my baby sister Marla and me to our Aunt Mary’s house for weekly visits. Mom would trim Aunt Mary’s finger/toe nails (I don’t think they were called manicures in the 60’s?), freshened her makeup or just talked about the […]

Exponent Philanthropy 2018 National Conference

The Walters Family Foundation attended the Exponent Philanthropy 2018 National Conference in Philadelphia, PA on September 28 – 30.  This Conference offers timely and relevant educational content for staff, donors, and trustees at all levels of experience and serving all types of foundations (including community and family foundations) as well as individual donors, […]

Bullied to Healthy Relationships

Traveling to school by bus on a freezing cold morning as a first grader, someone came up behind me and with their bent middle finger flicked my cold ear.  That hurt so bad!  I flared up like a peacock trying to show by my threatening words and warnings that they better […]

A Better Life for a Kid Playing Music

While growing up and attending a parochial school, I never had much exposure to any musical instruments except the organ.  My father loved theatre organ music because he used to roller skate to this type of music as a kid and young adult.  And of course, he wanted his own […]

A Library that Leads

Walking through the door of the Cornelius Public Library, the first visual image was happy people smiling!  The staff demonstrates a genuine happiness to see you.  After greeting you, they offer coffee and cookies carefully laid out on a hostess table.  Karen Hill, the Library Director, exuded enthusiasm for our visit […]