Big Lake Youth Camp Receives Walters Family Foundation Award

The Walters Family Foundation focuses on at-risk youth in a variety of circumstances including outdoor opportunities. Many camp programs provide growing experiences for youth throughout the State of Oregon. The Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s owns such a camp known as Big Lake Youth Camp located in Sisters, Oregon. Several of the WFF Board members attended this camp years ago as young kids! The parochial approach to outdoor activities and helping youth of all ages and backgrounds to understand nature through the lens of a Higher Power is key to the success of Big Lake Youth Camp.

Because this organization recently met the WFF challenge of a matching goal, they were awarded a grant of $50,000 from the Walters Family Foundation to help finish the reconstruction of the main lodge on campus.

Shown is Tamberly Couch giving the award to Camp Director Les Zollbrecht, Associate Camp Director Liesl Schnibbe, and Oregon Conference President Dan Linrud.

We wish the Camp well in the coming years with this much needed improvement to their infrastructure.